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[Currie, Charles]...(data here, and sample drawings will be displayed in the gallery after Patent is awarded) I spoke with Chuck Sprg 2016, and he has not pushed to finalize that patent. ...Too many inventor irons in the fire!

Currently producing drawings/illustrations and annotated figures for the above confidential clients.

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Computers /IT
--Trained and/or experienced with the following:

Currently (2016) I am continuing work with my teammates to configure a variety of Router and Switches.
Continuing with Onboard Diags,  of Dell tablets; Troubleshooting, Reimaging, Updating BIOS, and physical repairs, e.g.: replace LCD, battery, board(s), CMOS, cables, speakers, vibrator, cameras, ... as needed.
Continuing with Inspection, Diags/Testing, physical repairs, Factory Reset of Apple iPads in preparation for redeployment: e.g. repair minor frame damage; glass removal/replacement; replacement of charging port, antennae, camera(s), buttons/switches, connectors, ... as needed.  
Repair of Apple and Samsung cellphones; assisting with other projects as needed. including  Triage, repair, harvesting, and Frankenstein-build of Panasonic Clamshell PC's.
Long-term, personal experience with Lenovo Laptops, HP Desktop and Laptops, and a vast variety of Apple/Macs.

Desktops; Laptops/Notebooks; PowerBooks; Tablets; iPad 3, 4, Air; iPod "MyDevices," PMT & Gift Registry iPads
Printers/Duplication: Inkjet, Laser, Plotter, Facsimiles, Scanners
Storage/Disc/Misc: CD/DVD,  Flash, Card Readers, External drives:  MyBook, WD;
Other: mobile PCs (RF Guns); 
Payment Terminals; Routers & Switches; Cat5 cabeling

Active Domain (AD DS) functions, VPN and Network Troubleshooting, MDT, RDT

Familiarity with SAP ABAP; DOS, LINUX and Windows PowerShell Commands

Microsoft Office Pro Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Outlook, Paint); Publisher, FrontPage, Duet, Project, PhotoEditor, Communicator, InfoPath, Organizer, Binder, Movie Maker, Photo Draw, WinProject, Visio, Document Imaging (OCR), Word Pad, Picture Manager;
and TurningPoint clicker interface for Microsoft PowerPoint Turning Technologies; eLearn

Adobe Web Premium (CS3: Bridge, Device Central, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop)
Adobe Professional Suite (Acrobat, Reader, Distiller, Forms)
Adobe InDesign, Adobe (Aldus) PageMaker
Adobe (Macromedia) FreeHand

Miscellaneous (Similar to Microsoft): Lotus 123, Notes, cc:Mail, SmartSuite, Organizer, AmiPro, WordPro, Apache Open Office (Writer, Draw, Calc, Impress)

Graphics/DTP : Deneba Canvas, Quark XPress, Corel DRAW, Corel PaintShopPro, Fontographer, Bryce, Trimble SketchUp
Exciting NEW project using Blender 3d... teaching myself and hoping to complete many informative animated projects, to compile them as a group, and deploy through an international organization.

Other miscellaneous similar to Screen Capture (e.g. SAP Tutor... similar to Oracle UPK); Olé LCMS; Quicken Deluxe, QuickBooks; software associated with copies/backups such as LightScribe,  Nero; CD/DVD Rip and Burn utilities, Notepad, Notepad++, PCAnywhere, TeamViewer, RDP, various and sundry peripherals

Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Apple iMAC, iOS 7.0-9.02
smattering of Linux (Mint, Ubuntu)

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Technical Illustrations

Desktop Publishing-Miscellaneous

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IPC-RLA-RPC instructions

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Information Technology Training Documentation (Titles-only listing)

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