On a sunny day, the front window acted as my lightbox.

I scanned in the sketch, and in Adobe Illustrator, I overtyped the text. After printing a full-sized pattern; I cut out the lettering, ironed Wonder-Under fusible web to the various patterned white fabric pieces, then used Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils to clearly outline each letter.

The final top piece measured 72"x82" (double-sized). All cotton top was quilted to a large piece of muslin cotton back --with batting in the middle, of course-- using the "tacking" method approximately staggering stitches every four inches.
This was the last sunny day photo before finishing the piece. Thanks go to my Mom for helping me put the binding around the edges with loops of binding along the top for hanging it on a curtain rod at the show. The final piece was FedEx'd to Kansas for the Dalmatian Nationals held there in April. Varioius kind and capable volunteers set up the display well prior to the DCAF event, and promoted it in web pages.
This quilt was key advertising that generated several more commissioned works. Among them was the monster quilt I describe in detail under the blog link Going to the Dogs-2.